Nathan initially developed an interest in photography following the purchase of his first Canon DSLR in 2013 for a trip to Queenstown, New Zealand. This set in place a chain of events that ultimately lead Nathan to explore and pursue his love of photography.

Outside of his personal pursuit to capture natures most cinematic backdrops, he continues to forge strong relationships with clients in Melbourne’s building and landscape architecture niche.

A career in property and construction spanning almost two decades has allowed Nathan to develop an in-depth understanding of architecture and its surrounding landscape environment. A career progression through real estate, property development and project management in high-end construction provides Nathan with a unique ability to effectively understand, interpret and execute project briefs, whilst guiding his clients to achieve the best possible representation of their work.

Embracing a collaborative approach with all clients, Nathan values individual expertise, input and the opportunity to capture an image as it was imagined. 

Images have the power to evoke a feeling, create a connection, and are a way to communicate what words simply cannot.

It has become imperative to cut through the noise that the market place presents. Nathan works to assist in developing and strengthening brand identity to create a recognisable and distinct visual signature.